Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Favorite Natural Baby Products

1. Burt's Bees Baby Bee Safe and Natural: SLS, Pthalate, and Paraben Free Baby Care Products

2. Babyganics safe and natural household solutions: I love the bottle and dish soap as well as the fabric refresher

*Watch for sales on as well as babysrus, they frequently run a buy one get one free sale on these products, and then if you have any Babysrus rewards coupons you may be able to save even more

3. Earths Best certified organic baby food: recently I have purchased the rice cereal, oatmeal with sweet potatoes and apples, and dinner variety pack canned baby foods. I plan on making most of my baby food but think that when I am too busy or am traveling these foods I will feed to Zane and feel good about it.

*Watch for sales that are frequently run at babysrus , yesterday they had a 2 for $15 sale on the 12 packs

4. 8 oz Mason Jars you may be wondering .... FOR WHAT? Instead of using plastic breastmilk storage bags, we have switched to using mason jars to store Mr. Zanes milk, and it has made life much easier. The jars that I froze a few months ago have even thawed perfectly ... They do not break (unless of course you drop one). My favorite part about it is that we reuse them which saves money on constantly buying the storage bags.

I purchased our jars at Walmart, in the section with the other canning jars

to be continued...


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